Assessment of effects of a proposed activity or a change thereof on the environment

Under the Act on the assesment of effects on the environment, investors of projects above a certain capacity or exceeding a certain scope are required to subject the project to the screening process or mandatory assessment, depending on the severity of effects of the planned operation on the environment. The outcome of the EIA process is either a Decision or a Final Statement of the competent district office or the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. The statement contains the conditions and obligations of the operator that must be complied with in the following phases of project implementation.

EKOCONSULT-enviro, a.s. can help you by drawing up the required documentation (notice of change of the proposed activity, preliminary environmental study or assessment report), by providing the related engineering services (consultations regarding EIA documentation, communication with the relevant authorities, participation in the public consultation process) until the issuance of a final decision from the screening process or a final statement from the assessment process. In selected areas of expertise, we are authorised by the Ministry of Environment to draw up expert reports.

EKOCONSULT-enviro, a.s. is the holder of a certificate of professional qualification for the assessment of effects on the environment issued by the Ministry of Environment of the SR under identification number 527/2010/OHPV, 520/2010/OHPV and 62/2013-PO-OEP.