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Environmental audits

Environmental audit is one of the key assessment processes for investors and/or banks in planning an investment or co-financing a project in a given territory, regardless of whether it is an existing industrial area or undeveloped territory.

EKOCONSULT-enviro, a.s. offers the following services in this field:
           • environmental audit based on EBRD methodology
           • assessment of compliance with legislative requirements applicable in Slovakia
              and EU
           • assessment of compliance with decisions of state administration authorities
          • proposals of recommendations to conform to legislation, to improve environmental
             behavior including financial consequences

The scope of an environmental audit depends on specific conditions of the client.

An environmental audit assesses the activities of a company from the perspective of environment protection by comparing the organization's activities with the environmental legislation valid in the Slovak Republic and in the European Union and by assessing the adherence to the decisions of state administration authorities in the field of environment protection.
Environmental audits cover in particular the following areas:
            • environment management (system and organization, location)
            • air protection
            • water management
            • handling and disposal of hazardous substances
            • groundwater and soil (drilling, sampling and sample analysis) 
            • waste management
            • working environment (noise, vibrations, chemical, physical and biological factors of working environment –
               exposure and admissible concentrations, cleanliness of working areas)
            • emergency plans
            • documentation concerning environment protection and actual situation in the workplace

The results include, in addition to the identification of key environmental problems, proposal of activities to conform to the legislative regulation or recommendation for overall improvement of environmental behavior of the company. It is also possible to summarize the financial consequences resulting from main audit findings, including fines for causing pollution, cost of environmental management, insurance or damage compensation.

For general references, please click here. If you would like activity-specific referenced, we will be happy to provide them to you in person