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Environmental advisory and consultations

Advisory and consultations are particularly suitable for companies, which do not consider it efficient to employ their own environmental experts. In light of the fast changing requirements of environmental legislation, it is inevitable in certain cases to concentrate also on air protection, water protection or waste management.

EKOCONSULT-enviro, a.s. offers the following services in this field:
 preparation of documentation needed for the building permit / operation permit, or for the operation of a plant
 in the field of water protection, drawing up of a Preventive Measures Plan, aimed at prevention of an uncontrollable discharge of harmful substances and especially harmful substances in the environment and procedure in case of their discharge (Emergency Plan), operating guidelines for storing and handling of chemical substances and mixtures, operating guidelines for water works; drawing up of an Announcement about especially harmful substances; drawing up of an Announcement about surface water take-off nad ground water take-off 
 in the field of air protection, drawing up of a Set of Technical Operating Parameters and Technical Organizational Measures for the air pollution source, drawing up of Local Operating Guidelines for the air pollution source, drawing up of a proposal of Operating Records of an air pollution source, air exhaust sheets, etc.
 draft methodology for calculation of emission amounts, calculation of fees for emission release and reporting under the NEIS system
 drawing up of a Waste Management Programme, of a Programme of a holder of polychlorinated biphenyls, of an Announcement about waste generation and waste disposal
 drawing up of expert assessments (emission dispersion, emission technological, noise study)
 drawing up of assessment of negative impacts and risks of economic activities on the environment
 attending consultations and state administration proceedings, proposals of correspondence and mandatory reporting, communication with state administration all the way to approval of documents
 ensuring and organization of emission and noise measurements by authorized persons

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