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Territorial system of ecological stability

A territorial system of ecological stability is an integrated structure of interconnected ecosystems ensuring the diversity of life conditions and forms in the landscape. The system consists of bio-centres, bio-corridors, and interactive elements of national, regional or local importance.

EKOCONSULT-enviro, a.s. offers the following services in this field: 
 Preparation of local ecological stability systems,
              • Implementation of proposals for the planned local ecological stability system,
              • Preparation of maps in GIS (geographic information systems) using
                 MapInfo Professional software.

Currently, the obligation to develop and protect territorial systems of ecological stability is laid down in a number of legal regulations and Slovak Government resolutions in Slovakia, however it is not defined in a separate act. It is based on the Concept of territorial system of ecological stability. From legislative perspective, territorial systems of ecological stability are covered in Act No. 543/2002 Coll. on nature and land protection, as amended. This issue is generally represented also in other acts related to the environment, and especially zoning.

The works comprise gathering of underlying documents and analyses, preparation of syntheses, assessments, classification of the territory and drafting of proposals. 

Ecological stability systems are defined in plans containing the maps of existing and proposed bio-centres and bio-corridors with highlighted protected areas, using a scale of 1: 50 000 and more for supra-regional and regional stability systems and 1: 10 000 and more for local stability systems. The ecological stability system plan serves as a basis for land ownership adaptations, preparation of zoning documentation, forestry plans, hydrological plans and other documents of landscape protection and recovery.

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